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About Us

What started as a hobby in reptiles turned into a passion for ball pythons. 

Since 2000, I have always been in the reptile hobby and even as a child. I would go to local reptile shows and even stop by the local pet stores just to see what type of reptiles they were selling.  As I grew older, I went through several reptiles from geckos, snakes and even poison dart frogs.

The hobby slowly turned into a passion focused on ball pythons. I started going to shows all over the east coast just to look and learn about all the different types of morphs. I have enjoyed watching new morphs come into our hobby and how much it has grown from back in the days. 

If I could, I would keep all my ball pythons but obviously that is not realistic.  So I share my passion to you all by offering them to you and to continue to grow and promote our hobby to others. 


Carlo Hernandez. Owner of CH Reptiles

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